Welcome to Satori Yoga,
a small yoga studio on a BIG mission.

About Satori

Hey, my name is Julia.

Pain has been my faithful companion as far back as I can remember, and living with chronic pain taught me to look for solutions in the most unlikely places.

I’ve always been interested in movement modalities, searching for ways to move without hurting afterwards. Along the way, I found yoga, and then, some years later, pain science. Combined, this powerful duo has completely transformed my life.

I’ve been studying and teaching yoga full-time since 2006. Over the years, I have accumulated over 4,000 hours of yoga, anatomy, Ayurveda, meditation, movement and pain science training.

I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned to help others find their ground while navigating, living, and winning their battle with chronic pain.

I am here to help you see ancient movement practices and modern cutting-edge science as something that can inspire, inform, give hope, and provide a well-worn path to follow.

Services We Offer

Why choose Satori?

Satori classes are built for folk with al levels of ability and mobility to help resolve some of the most common pain conditions. Our approach blends contemporary pain understanding, modern movement sciences, and ancient yoga practice.

Moving and feeling well isn’t just for the genetically gifted. We firmly believe that everyone can improve. Let us help you find ways to move and breathe better, to get stronger, and to increase your physical and emotional stamina.

We routinely teach and offer:

Pain neuroscience education.
Mindfulness for pain relief.
Guided movement classes for ANY level of mobility.
Self-management strategies and active recovery tools.

Functional movement training for injury prevention and rehab.

Balance training and fall prevention.
Core Restore classes for pelvic health, mobility, and stability.
Breath 101 – breath re-training classes.
Group classes, small group classes, and private classes.