Core Restore Classes

This class will help you move better through everything you do – running, swimming, biking, walking your dog, carrying groceries, weeding your garden or picking your babies and grandbabies up – and enjoy the movement, too.

Top benefits of attending the Core Restore class:

Build a more able body – at ANY age!

Reduce (and often even eliminate) sciatic, low back and pelvic pain.

Improve hip mobility.

Restore a healthy relationship between the breath, the spine, the pelvis and hips.

Improve overall stability and balance.

Build “functional movement” muscle memory.

Improve muscle and nervous system tolerance to prepare for strength training and complex movements.

Reduce brain fog. It sounds far-fetched, but consider this: a better-moving body reduces the toll on the nervous system, which, in turn, frees up resources for clearer thinking. Not a word of a lie!

This class is for anyone interested in moving better and moving more, regardless of shape and age.

CORE RESTORE is designed especially for you if:

You want to move better and preserve your range of motion as you age.

You have recurrent back/hip pain or tightness.

 It hurts to transition from lying to sitting, sitting to standing, etc.

Going up and down the stairs is painful.

Walking for any length of time hurts your back.

You are a runner, a cyclist, a hiker or a skier, either recovering from an injury or working to prevent future ones, this class will not only help you improve your performance but also ensure that you can do what you love { and play hard } for a long, long, long time.

You have signed up for a boot camp, got a gym membership or started a movement routine and then ended up with a nasty flareup that sent you straight back to square one.


Core Restore is not a Restorative Yoga class but a different kind of yoga asana. Core Restore classes are designed to work as a bridge between physiotherapy and movement practice.

Core Restore classes are founded on the idea that we can’t strengthen what we can’t feel. Many of us lose the ability to sense the deep muscles of the core because of injuries, chronic pain, gastrointestinal conditions, hormonal changes, or just plain sitting too much.

We don’t strike fancy poses or do twenty push-ups in a row. Instead, we pull complex movements apart to work on their functional components. Working slowly and patiently, we restore the fluid resiliency of our core.

Core Restore classes – especially the Beginner Core Restore – will help you FEEL the core muscles doing what they are meant to, minus all the unnecessary tension and gripping, and teach you how to move better both on and off the mat.