Core Restore – Beginner / Intermediate – Spring 2024

Core Restore – Beginner / Intermediate – Spring 2024

312.00$ + gst

When: Wednesdays 5:30 PM – 6:45 PM, March 20 to May 22

Where: Satori Yoga Studio

Sorry, this class is full!

Satori Yoga Core Restore classes are about getting familiar with the core stability.

As we move, we ask ourselves questions like, " Am I moving from the hip joint or from my back?" and "Can I still breathe when I engage my abs in this way?" or "Why does my back arch when I lift my arms overhead?"

That's when the whole core stability element comes into play. Here at Satori Yoga we take our core stability very seriously!

We build our stability from the very ground up - starting with an understanding of where the core muscles are and how stable you can feel when they are engaged and working.

We learn how core stability works with - never against! - our breathing. We learn to apply this new-found core stability strategies to some of our most familiar, everyday movements.

<strong>Our Core Restore classes are for anyone interested in building core stability.</strong> No touching toes required!