Core Restore | Advanced | Spring 2024

Core Restore | Advanced | Spring 2024

312.00$ + gst

Introducing Core Restore – Advanced – Spring 2024: the ultimate core training program designed specifically for women who are ready to level up their core training.

When: Tuesdays from 6:30 – 7:45 PM, March 19 to May 21

Where: Satori Yoga Studio



Sorry, this class is full!

Welcome to our Satori Yoga Advanced Core Restore class, where we're all about helping women dealing with pain find some relief and build up that core strength!

We will be diving into some seriously cool moves that not only work your core muscles but also help ease any discomfort you might be feeling. It's like unlocking this inner strength you didn't even know you had, all while hanging out with a bunch of awesome women who totally get what you're going through.

Throughout the class, we'll be mixing in exercises that require both strength and grace, reminding us all just how powerful we are – even while dealing with pain. And trust me, we're all in this together, cheering each other on as we grow and transform, creating a safe space for women who need a little extra support.

Whether you're a total pro or just starting out, this class is perfect for anyone looking to build up their core strength and find some relief from pain. It's all about nurturing not just our physical cores, but also that inner strength and resilience that makes us who we are as women.

So, what do you say? Ready to join us on the mat and discover just how strong and amazing you truly are, even in the face of pain? Let's do this together – because every movement we make is a step towards feeling better and becoming the best version of ourselves.