Roll out your mat anytime, anywhere.
Finally, a portable yoga practice that fits tight schedules (and tight corners), shoestring budgets, and jacket pockets! Each weekly segment of OM ALONE take-home practice comes with crystal clear audio instructions (put them on your ipod!) that guide you through practice sequence. Bonus daily ALIGNMENT E-MINDERS help polish up the poses and prevent yoga injuries. OM ALONE segments build on one another; each piece can be used on its own, or grouped together as a part of a well-rounded home yoga program.
Got jam-packed schedule? Don’t fall off your mat! OM ALONE on a mountaintop, in your office, living room, in the airport, or on your deck. See you on the mat!
I am sure that everyone who has ever practiced yoga instructed by Julia has, at some point, entertained the idea of how much effort it would take to kidnap her and bring her home to keep as your own personal closet yoga guru! Well dreams do come true! Now you can take Julia home and not go to jail for it!

I love that all sessions are separate and range from 15min to 22min. This allows me to get in a full hour workout; or squeeze in a condensed practice when short on time, and still be able to feed my body’s craving for a stretch.

Before I had “Yoga at Home” I struggled with unhealthy patterns of “falling off the mat”. Now I have no excuses, and frequently enjoy falling off of the bed and on to the mat!

This program has helped me stay in tune with my body and acknowledge its needs. And, of course, get the always desired “yoga butt”. I love the OM ALONE program!!!!


WEEK 1 Eeeeeasy Does It :: Warm Up, Breathe Deep, and Start Om-ing! Start OM-ing for 15$ + GST
WEEK 2 Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutations :: Salute the Sun for only 15$ + GST
WEEK 3 Challenge your Core and Balance :: Get stronger core for only 15$ + GST
WEEK 4 Twists and Forward Bends :: Do the twist for just 15$ + GST
Be a yoga keener! Get the whole works + longer, stronger muscles for only 48$ + GST.