CORE VALUES and unicorns

by | Nov 1, 2017 | New this month

Is CORE STRENGTH like a unicorn – a mythical creature that you know exists but have no idea where to find or what it is really good for?

Core strength is the ability to stabilize the bones in the upper body, rotate the torso with proper spinal curvature, and maintain stable pelvic position while sitting, standing and exercising.

It is also the ability to control the bladder (yes, I just said this!), stabilize the ligaments of the knees with the lower abdominal wall, and BREATHE CORRECTLY while doing all of these.

As you can see, quite a lot of movement skills fall under the category of “core strength,” and none of these – as you can also see – are addressed in the common core strengthening crunch or plank. More unicorns…

CORE RESTORE class is a magical place where we untangle the core strengthening mystery.

CORE RESTORE is designed especially for you if:

~ you have recurrent back and hip pain + tightness that comes and goes without any seeming rhyme or reason;

it hurts to transition – from lying to sitting, from sitting to standing, and so forth;

if going up and down the stairs has become a painful chore;

if walking for any length of time hurts your back;

if you had one more episode of stubbornly frozen /sore shoulder that just doesn’t get better with massage, physio and other common interventions.

~ if you are a runner, a cyclist, a hiker or a skier, either recovering from an injury or working to prevent future ones: this class will not only help you improve your performance, but also ensure that you can do what you love { and play hard } for a long, long, long time.
(This was my personal reason for figuring things out – I kept injuring myself hiking and skiing, so at some point I decided that enough is enough, and magic happened!)

CORE RESTORE idea is simple: whether optimal health or better performance is the goal, better movement patterning always equals better output and fewer injuries.

The problem is that most of us lack calibration, knowledge, and body awareness to be able to recognize and correct movement errors on our own. That’s where the CORE RESTORE class really shines.

During this 8-week long session you will learn to recognize and correct faulty movement patterns that have lead to the majority of above-mentioned issues:

Why tight muscle is a weak muscle and what you can do to get rid of tightness;

Where compensation / poor movement patterns come from, and why they are so difficult to correct;

How to move forward with your core strength training safely, especially if you have chronic or recurring pain;

Why “abs of steel” are a bad idea for your back;

Why sleepy bums are bad news, and how to locate and engage the gluts:

Why your hip flexors are so stubbornly tight and what you can do to change that;

Why finding correct pelvic and rib cage alignment is the key;

How core stability can unfreeze those stubbornly “frozen” shoulders;

~ The list goes on, but I will stop – you get the idea.

New set of  {magical} CORE RESTORE classes is starting on October 25th

Stop looking for a unicorn and join us on the mat – you will be glad you did!

When: Wednesdays 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Oct 25th – Dec 13th

Where: #200, 9914 – 109 Ave

How much: 218$ + GST

Our mat time is action packed.
That’s why CORE RESTORE classes are supplemented by off – the – mat learning.
Satori’s virtual CORE RESTORE course (a value of 79$) is yours free to supplement and expand your learning and body awareness.

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P. S. My opinion about this class is, of course, completely, totally, biased.
Here is what Florence, one of spring session participants, said:

“Most of the time when I thought of “core” I thought of it as a workout, but this class is not a traditional exercise class.

For the first time ever, I am starting to understand how my body aligns, which helps me understand how I have compensated for pain, and in doing so, have caused myself more pain!  

With much gratitude and awe…”

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Hey, my name is Julia

Living with chronic pain has taught me to look for solutions in unlikely places –  places where most people see only problems.

Over the years I’ve gotten to be pretty good at this problem-solving and silver-lining finding thing.

So good that I felt compelled to share what I’ve learned and help others to find their sea legs while navigating, living, and winning their battle with chronic pain.